# Welcome to the OpenFlightHPC Knowledgebase

This documentation provides details for accessing the research environment, exploring the various features of the research environment and examples of common workflows with the research environment.

# Acknowledgements

We recognise the respect the trademarks of all third-party providers referenced in this documentation. Please see the respective EULAs for software packages used in configuring your own environment based on this knowledgebase.

# License

This documentation is released under the Creative-Commons: Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.

# Contents

This documentation is sorted into the following categories:

  • System Overview: Provides general information on prerequisites and support for the documentation, processes and tools within.
  • General Environment Usage: Guides on understanding and performing various common Linux user tasks on an HPC cluster.
  • HPC Environment Usage: Documents detailing usage of Flight tools and HPC scheduler applications at the core of any HPC workflow.
  • Cluster Build Methods: Detailed guides to deploying HPC clusters on various platforms utilising Flight Solo
  • Workflow Examples: Example workflows utilising the tools and processes outlined earlier in the documentation.
  • Functionality Testing: Various commands and observations to check the basic functionality of an HPC cluster configured similarly to some of the methods described in this documentation.