# 5. Adding a node to an existing cluster

Sometimes, it may be necessary to add a node to a cluster after the cluster has already been created. This can be done with the following steps:

  1. Create a new instance, following the steps to create a compute node on the same platform as the login instance.
  1. Log in to the login node.

  2. Become the root user.

# Parse Node

  1. Parse the newly created node with the command flight hunter parse. See here for more detailed information on parsing nodes.

# Add genders

  1. Optionally, you may add genders to the newly parsed node. For example, in the case of adding the node newnode to the group all:

    flight hunter modify-groups --add all newnode
  2. Finally, apply an identity to the new node:

flight profile apply newnode compute

flight profile apply newnode worker