# 6. Removing a node from an existing cluster

Sometimes, it may be necessary to remove a node from a cluster. This can be done with the following steps:

  1. Run the command flight profile remove <nodename> e.g.
[flight@chead1 ~]$ flight profile remove node01
Removing host 'node01'
The removal process has begun. Refer to `flight profile list` or `flight profile view` for more details
[flight@chead1 ~]$ 
  1. Wait for the process to finish. On a successful removal, flight profile list will display the node as available. e.g.
[flight@chead1 ~]$ flight profile list
│ Node   │ Identity │ Status    │
│ node02 │ compute  │ complete  │
│ node01 │          │ available │
│ login1 │ login    │ complete  │

There are additional options to help with the removal of nodes.

  • --remove-hunter-entry also removes the node's hunter entry (if there is one).
  • --force bypasses restrictions on removing a node, such as if the removal initially fails and needs to be retried.