# 4. Testing a Multinode Cluster configuration

After the creation and configuration of nodes has been complete, everything should work. Here is a test for every cluster type to confirm this.

  1. Create a file called simplejobscript.sh, and copy this into it:

    #!/bin/bash -l
    echo "Starting running on host $HOSTNAME"
    sleep 30
    echo "Finished running - goodbye from $HOSTNAME"

    This is just a simple script that sends some messages and sleeps for 30 seconds

  2. Run the script with sbatch simplejobscript.sh, and to test all your nodes try queuing up enough jobs that all nodes will have to run.

  3. The job(s) should start and complete without issues.

# Check Nodes Running/Ready

  • As the default_username (unless this was changed, it will be flight) check nodes are "Ready"
      kubectl get nodes

# Launching a "Pod"

  • Create test yaml file for the VM
cat << EOF > test.yaml
apiVersion: v1
kind: Pod
  name: ubuntu
    app: ubuntu
  - image: ubuntu
      - "sleep"
      - "600"
    imagePullPolicy: IfNotPresent
    name: ubuntu
  restartPolicy: Never
  • Launch a pod (this will create an ubuntu VM that sleeps for 10 minutes then exits)
kubectl apply -f test.yaml
  • Check that the pod is running
kubectl get pods -o wide
  • The pod should be running without issues.