# Flight Silo

Flight Silo allows users to connect to "silos" - cloud storage systems designed primarily to distribute software and projects, with more general file storage also available. Silo comes pre-installed as part of the User Suite included with Flight Solo.

# Setting up

Use flight silo type avail to list available types. e.g.

[flight@chead1 ~]$ flight silo type avail
│ Name │ Description                   │ Prepared │
│ aws  │ Amazon Simple Storage Service │ false    │

Types are the backend providers of storage, each type can hold multiple silos. These can be listed with the command flight silo repo list. e.g.

[flight@chead1 ~]$ flight silo repo list
│ Name       │ Description                       │ Platform │ Public? │
│ openflight │ Openflight software and resources │ aws      │ true    │

# Viewing and accessing files

To list the files in a particular repo use the command flight silo file list <repo>: e.g.

[flight@chead1 ~]$ flight silo file list openflight:

To pull a file from a repo, use the command flight silo file pull <repo>:<filepath> e.g.

[flight@chead1 ~]$ flight silo file pull openflight:motorBike.tar.gz
Pulling '/motorBike.tar.gz' into '/home/flight'...
File(s) downloaded to /home/flight/motorBike.tar.gz

# More information

These commands and a summary of each of them can be viewed with flight silo help, using the --help argument on a particular command will give more information about it. e.g.

[flight@chead1 ~]$ flight silo repo list --help

    flight silo repo list


    List available existing silos