# Install Genders and PDSH

A combination of genders and pdsh can allow for management and monitoring of multiple nodes at a time.

This only needs to be done on the head node.

  1. Swap to the head node (unless already on it).

  2. Install flight-pdsh.

     sudo yum -y install flight-pdsh
  3. Navigate to the genders file at /opt/flight/etc/genders, and open it.

  4. Add a gender in the following format to the genders file. Then save and close the file.

     cnode01,cnode02 nodes
  5. Log out and log back in for the environment to load.

# Testing

If all was successful, then the following should be the case on the head node:

  1. The following commands should run without errors:

    nodeattr -s nodes
    pdsh -g nodes uptime
  2. The file /opt/flight/etc/genders should contain genders for use with the installed commands.