# Install Flight Web Suite

Flight web suite only needs to be installed on the head node.

  1. Swap to the head node (unless already on it).

  2. Install the web suite:

    sudo yum install -y flight-web-suite 
  3. Install extra packages:

    sudo yum install -y python-websockify xorg-x11-apps netpbm-progs 
  4. Set the domain name to the hostname or ip address that Web-Suite will be accessed through. This also creates a self-certified certificate.

    flight web-suite set-domain <name/IP>
  5. Go to the file /opt/flight/opt/www/landing-page/default/content/data/environment.yaml and change name to mycluster1. It will look something like this:

    #   # Optional cluster (aka environment) name.  Defaults to an empty string if
    #   # not provided.
    name: "mycluster1"
  6. Restart web suite to apply changes:

    flight web-suite restart
  7. Enable flight web suite:

    flight web-suite enable

This means that flight web suite will start on boot

# Testing

If all was successful, then the following should be the case on the head node:

  1. The command flight web-suite runs without errors

  2. The domain is what it was set to during the instructions. E.g.

    [root@chead1 (mycluster1) ~]# flight web-suite get-domain
  3. The Web-suite is active, this can be checked with the following command:

    flight service avail
  4. The Web-Suite should function as described in its documentation.