# Preparing a Desktop Type

On the previous page, some application types were unverified, these need to be prepared before they can be verified.

To prepare a new session type, use the command flight desktop prepare <type> (preparing will automatically install any required application and support files, if these dependencies have been installed manually then a desktop session can be checked for verfication with flight desktop verify <type>). Once enabled, users can start a new session using the command flight desktop start <type>.

# Using sudo to prepare

Since only the root user can use prepare, you also cannot use sudo to run prepare.

Instead the user must become a root user with the command:

sudo su -

With this the user becomes a root user, and must run flight again with flight start.

Now the command to prepare a session type can be run.

Root user mode can be exited by running the command exit, logout, or by pressing Ctrl + D.