# Using a Job Script

To use a job script, select "Browse scripts" from the management page. If the user currently has no created job scripts, they will be given the option to go to Create a Job Script.

If the user already has at least one job script, they are shown all of their job scripts.

By clicking on a job script, the user can view it, submit it to be run, and delete it.

# Viewing a Job Script

To view a script, click on it, then click "View script".

While viewing a script, the user can:

  • View the contents of the script in the code block on the left.
  • Edit the script notes on the right by pressing the "edit" button near the notes.
  • Edit the script itself by pressing the "edit" button above the script text.
  • Submit the job script
  • Delete the job script

# Submitting a Job Script

To submit a script, click on the " Submit" button. After doing so the user will be asked a series of questions about the details of the job.

When all the questions are completed, a summary of the job details is displayed.

At this point, the " Submit" button will have the job start running on the cluster. The user will be taken to a page with an overview of the job.

Here the job can be cancelled, and when it is complete the output can be viewed by clicking the files that appear in the "Results directory" section.

# Deleting a Job Script

Press the "Delete" button to delete the job script. A window will ask the user to confirm, after which it will be deleted.