# Jupyter Notebook

Jupyter Notebooks are a web-based development and visualisation environment. It provides flexible integration of notebooks, code and data in a portable and secure manner.

# Workflow

# Installing Jupyter with Conda

  • Create a conda software environment:
[flight@chead1 (mycluster1) ~]$ flight env create conda
  • Activate the environment:
[flight@chead1 (mycluster1) ~]$ flight env activate conda
  • Install Jupyter:
<conda> [flight@chead1 (mycluster1) ~]$ conda install jupyter
  • Install Notebook dependencies:
<conda> [flight@chead1 (mycluster1) ~]$ conda install matplotlib
<conda> [flight@chead1 (mycluster1) ~]$ conda install folium -c conda-forge

# Launch a Jupyter Notebook

  • Download the example notebook:
<conda> [flight@chead1 (mycluster1) ~]$ curl -L https://jupyterbook.org/en/stable/_downloads/12e9fb0f1c062494259ce630607cfc87/notebooks.ipynb > notebooks.ipynb
  • Launch the notebook:
<conda> [flight@chead1 (mycluster1) ~]$ jupyter notebook notebooks.ipynb
  • A web browser will launch with the notebook displayed